AICPA Members Win iPad in Profile Update Giveaway 

    Published June 06, 2011

    Two AICPA members won an iPad in the Profile Update Giveaway which ended March 31. Lea Matthis, from Wilmington, North Carolina, of Melissa Marie Dupuis, and Lorrie Firth, from Tucson, Arizona, of Pima Federal Credit Union, each took home an iPad.

    Lea Matthis, CPA
    Wilmington, NC
    Melissa Marie Dupuis
    Lorrie Firth, CPA
    Tucson, Arizona
    Pima Federal Credit Union
    “I never knew updating my contact info could be so rewarding! Thank you AICPA!” "This sure beats hauling around my laptop through the airports. I’m soooooo glad I chose to update my info with AICPA!"

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