Overview of Major Programs 

    The AICPA is engaged in a number of programs to help it fulfill its mission of advocacy on behalf of its members, the CPA profession and the broader public good. Ongoing efforts include:

    • Evaluating international, national and local issues and trends, and tracking and analysis of threats to and opportunities for the profession.
    • Undertaking recruitment efforts to attract highly qualified individuals into the profession and position the profession as offering diversity in work and career paths.
    • Promoting outstanding academic programs, emphasis on teaching quality, and aggressive minority educational initiatives.
    • Preparing and grading the Uniform CPA Examination and encouragement of efforts to adopt uniform, high level requirements governing the issuance of the AICPA certificate.
    • Support for the enactment of the 150-hour educational requirement as a prerequisite to licensing, and the pursuit of efforts at the international reciprocity.
    • Promulgating standards, setting of requirements for, and membership assistance in the continuous improvement of professional and ethical conduct, performance and expertise.
    • Developing measures to continually improve the financial reporting system and to detect, expose and prevent fraud.
    • Operating comprehensive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programs for CPAs.
    • Launching 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, the CPA profession's public awareness campaign to help improve America's financial knowledge.

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