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    Taking the time to plan your future goals can help you make better choices as you move forward in your career.  Some CPAs feel that planning and reaching short-term goals provides more flexibility and is far less overwhelming than charting their entire career at once.  Others find that longer term plans help them in choosing and achieving the more manageable milestones. Whether you plan out your next 30 years—or your next 3—having a career plan can ensure that your skill development, work experience and educational choices are in sync. One thing is certain: there are no limits to what you can achieve with a CPA credential. The following tools and resources can help guide you through some of the opportunities and possibilities that the profession offers.

    AICPA Audit Committee Matching System
    Accelerate your career, network and get valuable experience by registering your interest in serving on a board of directors or audit committee.

    Free CPA Career Insider Newsletter
    Register or read archived versions of this e-newsletter with tips, tools and guidance to take your career to the next level.

    Free Career Resources for AICPA Members
    Get the 2012 Salary Guide; Global Financial Employment Monitor; Glossary of Job Descriptions for Accounting and Finance; Guide to Certifications in Finance, Accounting and Operations Management; and How to Get Ahead in Accounting and Finance free.

    Career Opportunities at the AICPA
    Accelerate your career--and the work of the profession--right here at the AICPA.

    CPA Career Center
    The official job board of the AICPA brings together accounting professionals looking for their next career opportunity and employers searching for the best accounting and financial talent.

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