Valuation Issues Addressed by IRS 

    Common Business Valuation Issues as Addressed by the IRS

    Date: March 17, 2011 at 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM ET
    Duration:  2 hours
    Speakers:    Michael A. Gregory and Susan Kurzweil, CPA
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    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides guidelines relating to the development, resolution, and reporting of various valuation issues. This webinar allows you to take advantage of this special opportunity to hear directly from top valuation specialists at the IRS regarding their perspectives on the most common issues pertaining to valuation, including:
    •  Common issues addressed in valuations by the IRS
    • 6695A appraiser penalties
    • 409A valuations
    • Discounts for Lack of Marketability
    • Insights and perspectives on valuation growth areas

    A question and answer session took place at the conclusion of the presentation. Please note that specific cases were not discussed, only hypothetical situations.

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