International Services Center

International Services Center 

In response to growing client demand for international expertise, we created the International Services Center to help CPA firms achieve their goal of obtaining and retaining clients that have international service needs and aspirations. Here you will find practical information, guidance and tools for firms of any size or structure. Check back often for updates!




You’re ready to dive in, but where do you begin? Get familiar with International Services and where the opportunities are for your firm.  International Services represent a wide array of practice growth opportunities for your firm by helping foreign companies set up business in the U.S. market. U.S. companies are increasingly looking overseas for new opportunities. Help your existing or potential clients expand or operate internationally.
Highlighted Resources
  Business after Brexit
The recent vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union may affect your clients. Be prepared to assist them by understanding some of the potential effects of Brexit and mitigating actions to consider. Check out Helping Clients Prepare for Potential Effects of Brexit and Hedging Against Currency Fluctuation Risk for insights you can use to assist your clients that may be impacted by recent developments.

International Associations 
Many CPAs who are entering or expanding their international practices turn to global networks, alliances or associations for the resources and contacts they need to support their efforts. Learn about the opportunities for your firm, and why association membership may be preferable to going it alone.
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International Services Desk 
Have a question about International Services?  Email or call (212-596-6048) the AICPA International Services Desk.  Or e-mail a member of the International Services team, Yasmine El-Ramly or Lindsey Yopp.
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