PCPS CPA Firm Top Issues Survey 

With responses from across the country, firms everywhere are grappling with similar challenges. Seasonality/workload compression, succession planning and staff issues point toward increasing complexity and ongoing issues related to firm culture within the profession. Now is the time to consider a shift from the traditional firm business model, giving owners and partners a chance to re-experience the excitement of the entrepreneurial spirit and reinvent their firm.

Keeping up with the changes and complexity of tax laws and increased regulation remains a top challenge for small- and medium-sized firms while larger firms are facing issues around partner accountability and unity and attracting new clients.

  The Diagnostic Report takes a look at the issues facing firms in more detail and provides a historical view of the top ten issues by firm size. In addition, incorporated into the report is a checklist of available AICPA tools and resources to assist firms in addressing these challenges. Read it today!

Click below for the PCPS CPA Firm Top Issues lists by firm size and see links to related resources available to help firms address each challenge:

Sole Practitioners
Firms with 2 to 5 Professionals
Firms with 6 to 10 Professionals
Firms with 11 to 20 Professionals
Firms with 21 or more Professionals
PCPS is committed to helping firms with these and many other practice management issues. For more information, please contact Cindy Frey, or call 1-800-CPA-FIRM.


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