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    PCPS Tax Resources 

    Use the following resources and information to help you and your firm understand and apply tax laws and stay informed of new developments.

    1040 Tax Returns Status

    Workflow Technology

    Health Care Reform Toolkit

    1040 Tax Returns Status:  National Average May Update

    How Workflow Technology Can Transform Your Practice

    Health Care Reform Toolkit

      Compare your 1040 tax returns status reports with this dashboard that provides year over year comparison of key data points as reported by users of XCM’s workflow solution. This straight-forward whitepaper answers key questions such as: what exactly is workflow, how can workflow technology transform my practice and how do I choose a workflow solution. Use this toolkit to help you, your staff and your clients understand and prepare for the impacts of health care reform. 
    Busy Season Resources

    • ACA Provisions to Know for 2014 Individual Returns - New lines on Form 1040 and brand new tax forms (Form 8962, 8965 and 1095-A) are some of the hot items for the 2015 filing season. Are you up to date with the ACA implications this tax season? The Tax Section was super kind in allowing PCPS members free access to this webcast.
    • Getting into the swing of tax season - This Journal of Accountancy article written by Paul Bonner provides a preview of the coming tax season.
    • 2014 Filing Season Quick Guide
    • IRS Hotlines Quick Reference Chart for Practitioners 
    • AICPA Tax Section - The Tax Section provides tax practice tools and aids, resources and guidance to help CPA tax practitioners elevate their practices and maintain the highest ethical standards.
    • Busy Season FUN Calendar - Keep your staff motivated and feeling appreciated by using this calendar of ideas to incorporate various fun and engaging activities during the busy season.
    • AICPA PFP Division - The PFP Section has created additional resources to support you as April 15th approaches, including free checklists, excerpts from popular guides, FAQs, client communication content and more. Save $50 on your first year of PFP membership by entering promocode CPALDPFP at checkout.
    Tax News

    Tax News

    Stay informed of new, current and upcoming tax laws by reviewing these insightful articles from the Journal of Accountancy and the Tax Insider. 
    Additional Resources

    Tangible Property Regulations

    Tangible Property Regulations (Repair Regs) Guidance and Resources
    Visit the AICPA Tax Section for the latest information on the IRS issued final disposition rules for tangible property. In addition, the following webcasts will provide background and updates on this hot topic.

    Small businesses won’t have to file Form 3115 to comply with repair regs
    Read the latest in this informative Journal of Accountancy article.

    What Taxpayers Need to Know to Comply With the Final Tangible Property Regulations

    Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Resource Page

    Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Resource Page Courtesy of AICPA Tax Section
    The U.S. Supreme Court recently made rulings on two landmark cases related to domestic partners and same-sex marriage. Use this resource page to understand the implications of these rulings and to find related resources.

    Interactive Tax Checklists

    Tax Practice Quality Control Guide  Open to AICPA Tax Section Members
    Now, more than ever, it is vital for firms to establish, maintain, and document a tax practice quality control system.  This guide presents recommendations of the AICPA Tax Division's Tax Practice Responsibility Committee (TPRC) on how the Statements on Standards for Tax Services affect the tax practice quality control systems for CPAs in public practice.

    The CPA's Guide to Social Security Planning

    The CPA's Guide to Social Security Planning 
    CPAs are uniquely positioned to assist clients with Social Security and other retirement benefit issues due to their understanding of a broad range of personal financial planning concerns, including taxation.  This guide is a valuable tool that blends information and planning guidance for CPAs seeking to offer guidance to clients on Social Security benefits.

    Affordable Care Act 101

    Affordable Care Act 101 Webinars Presented by SBA & Small Business Majority  
    Health care continues to be an important issue for small business owners.  The Small Business Administration and Small Business Majority are committed to helping businesses navigate the changes and opportunities in health care through the Affordable Care Act 101 webinar series.
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