Audit Documentation Resources 

A component of the PCPS Invigorate the Focus on Quality Toolkit


Through its enhanced oversights, the AICPA Peer Review Program has found that the most common cause of material non-conformity in audits is a lack of documentation. Peer reviewers will be increasing their emphasis on this area moving forward.

Good documentation enables an experienced auditor to understand

  • The nature, timing and extent of procedures performed;
  • The results of those procedures and evidence obtained; and
  • Any significant findings, issues identified or professional judgments made.

The resources on this page will help your firm address common issues related to documentation. This is a component of the Invigorate the Focus on Quality toolkit, which contains even more resources to assist with audit quality in your practice.

Documentation Tools
  • Working Paper Template: This practice aid is intended to help auditors document the results of testing while meeting the requirements of AU-C section 230, Audit Documentation. In addition to a template that can be used in your audits, the aid includes examples of well-documented analytical procedures and detail testing.
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center Tool for SOC 1  Consideration: Previously available only to members of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, this tool assists firms in documenting procedures and findings related to controls at a service organization that are likely to be relevant to an employee benefit plan’s internal control over financial reporting. The tool focuses on the auditor’s use of a type 2 report.
  • Governmental Audit Quality Center Dual-Purpose Testing Practice Aid: Failure to document dual-purpose testing in a single audit is one of the most common deficiencies identified through Peer Review Enhanced Oversights. This working paper is intended to support compliance with AU-C section 230 by illustrating auditor documentation for a dual-purpose test of compliance and internal control over compliance for several compliance requirements.
  • FAQs: Get answers to some of the most common questions the AICPA receives about documentation.
  • Internal Inspection Aid: Gear up for your firm’s internal inspection by reviewing this aid, which is designed to support those performing the inspection as they identify and address documentation deficiencies.
  • Staff Training: This PowerPoint presentation (with speaker notes) is designed to support firms as they train audit personnel on how to comply with AU-C section 230.
  • Nano-learning Segment: Access a brief overview of AU-C section 230, including common misconceptions about audit documentation that have been detected through the AICPA Peer Review Program.
Additional Resources


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