Social Media Toolkit 

    In today’s environment, marketing is more important than ever.  And social media has exploded and become the latest marketing and networking strategy, as well as a useful recruitment tool for many firms.  However, getting started in social media and the decision whether it can benefit your business can be quite overwhelming at first.  To help member firms harness the power of social media’s marketing promise, PCPS worked with Michelle Golden of Golden Practices, Inc. to develop a toolkit packed with relevant resources for CPAs and their firm.  Our toolkit will help to get you off to a successful social media presence.  Be sure to review the left box below first. Start with the Social Media Matters overview booklet and then move to the Action Plan initially.

    Getting Started with Social Media 

    Dive into Social Media Tools 

    Utilize the following detailed instruction guides only after your firm determines where to get started in the world of social media.

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