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    Use Your Current Client Base to Generate More Revenues, Attract New Clients and Create Clients for Life

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    You will discover how to differentiate yourself with financial planning services to keep clients for life, increase your revenues from your existing client base, and attract new clients to your practice through the referrals from your happy clients. Deborah will also present a model of how you can get paid to coordinate how your clients receive appropriate wealth management advice by overseeing an outside team of financial professionals that work together on your clients’ behalf. Information covered includes how to:

    • Leverage the fact that you are your clients’ most trusted advisor
    • Turn more of your work time into billable hours
    • Easily provide advice in other areas to your clients for an additional fee without interrupting the operations of your current practice
    • Become the most valuable advisor to your clients so they will never leave you
    • Work more efficiently so you have more time to do other things

    Building and Utilizing a Workflow System to Increase Productivity, Revenues, and Client Satisfaction

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    Discover what a workflow system is, the many benefits of having one and why it should be the hub of your financial planning practice.

    This session covers:

    • The definition of a workflow system and its various components
    • Compelling reasons every practice should have one
    • How to use a workflow system to work more efficiently and profitably
    • How to use a workflow system to increase the level of client satisfaction
    • How to create a workflow system in the shortest timeframe
    • Building a workflow system to offer additional services to your clients

    How to Systematize the Delivery of Financial Planning or Wealth Management Services

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    Whether you are currently providing other areas of financial advice to your clients besides tax advice or have been considering doing so, this session will provide you with actionable, to-the-point ideas on how to systematize the delivery of your planning services.

    As a CPA and with 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day for the next 18 years, the time has never been better for you to provide other areas of financial advice to your clients.

    The AICPA has been working hard to provide you with specific training and resources targeted to help you:
    • Systematize your practice
    • Determine how to manage both a tax practice and financial planning practice
    • Create consistency when delivering your services
    • Increase your billable hours
    The session is presented by Deborah Fox, the founder of Fox Financial Planning Network and a practicing financial planner for over 25 years. Deborah is nationally known for her unique systematized planning processes and for instructing and coaching tax professionals and financial advisors on how to work more efficiently in order to free up time and increase revenues, all while delivering a higher level of client services.

    Trends in Pricing: How to Charge for Financial Planning or Wealth Management Services to Be Profitable

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    Many CPAs incorrectly believe that it is difficult to add financial planning services to their practice and be profitable. They also believe clients will resist paying fees for other areas advice beyond tax services. Nothing can be further from the truth.

    This session covers:

    • How to add a new financial planning profit center to your practice
    • How to add $500K of new revenues per year with 50 clients
    • Demand and pricing differences between service models
    • Suggested pricing models that are easy to adopt
    • How to determine which model is right for you
    • Shortcuts to designing your financial planning service model (or improving your existing one)

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