Technology in a PFP Practice 

    The CPA's Guide to Technology in a PFP Practice
    Because personal financial planning firms vary greatly in size and in their business approach, it is important to understand that there is no "one size fits all" technology solution. On the contrary, the technology needs of a firm will be dictated by a wide variety of factors including the firm's business model, size, client profile and goals. Although arriving at the proper technologies for your firm can be difficult, failing to leverage technology is not an option. Click below to learn more and read detailed articles on each of the following topics:

    Building Blocks, Encompassing the Technological Components of a Successful PFP Practice

    An introduction to technological components that make up a modern, efficient personal financial planning practice.

    Selecting the Right CRM Application for Your Firm

    How to leverage the right CRM platform.

    Financial Planning Software

    A discussion of the selection process.

    Technologist Series

    A series of articles on inexpensive technological initiatives that will yield almost immediate, measurable, positive results in your practice.

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