Disaster Preparedness Communications Toolkit 

    Welcome to an exclusive, new communications toolkit specially developed for PFP section members! This kit is provided free of charge to PFP member firms. The toolkit includes necessary tools that a CPA firm can use when communicating with reporters in the local community about Disasters and Financial Planning: A Guide for Preparedness, a collaborative project of the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), the American Red Cross and the AICPA. The guide is offered as a public service of the AICPA, AICPA Foundation, American Red Cross, and NEFE.

    This Toolkit contains basic, factual information about the strategic partnership with the AICPA Foundation, American Red Cross, and NEFE, the contents of the guide and the role CPA financial planners can play for ways to help people with disaster preparedness. These documents contain pertinent background information for use when talking to the media (as well as community leaders and other organizations) about the program. These materials include:

    1. Disaster Preparedness Guide
    2. Fact sheet
    3. Official press release from the three partners in the program
    4. Q&A With Meloni Hallock about how CPA financial planners can work with their local American Red Cross chapters in disaster planning and recovery efforts

    The Toolkit also contains media relations tools and customizable templates to assist a CPA firm in communicating with local news media about the disaster preparedness guide and the firm’s involvement in the program. Specific instructions on how to use each tool are included. These tools include:

    1. Do's and Don'ts of talking to the media. Easy-to-follow checklist containing guidelines to help CPAs better manage media opportunities as they arise. These tips are useful when responding to a media inquiry and when pitching the story to a reporter. Many of these tips are also useful reminders when speaking in front of a group of people other than the media (e.g., a community organization or civic leaders).
    2. PowerPoint Presentation. A slide deck presentation has been developed to assist CPA firms when talking to reporters or important community leaders about the program. THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT TO BE USED WHEN COUNSELING PEOPLE FOR DISASTER PREPAREDNESS. CPA Firms are advised to leave a hard copy of this slide deck with a local reporter or community leader after the discussion so they can understand the basics of the program. CPA firms can also customize the slide deck as needed (e.g., adding the firm’s logo, changing the background design template).
    3. Contact your local office of the American Red Cross and review current volunteer opportunities.

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