Social Security Planning 

The CPA trusted advisor is in a unique position to assist his or her clients with Social Security and other retirement benefit issues because of his or her unique understanding of a range of personal financial planning concerns, including taxation.  Many clients of the Baby Boom generation will be retiring in the next twenty years and will be looking to CPAs to assist them in optimizing their retirement financing. 

New! 2016 Social Security Changes

Social Security:  The Hidden Change in the Two-Year Budget Bill – Ted Sarenski in The Tax Adviser

PFP/PFS Members:  Forefield Advisor Alert on Social Security Changes


The CPA's Guide to Social Security

Written by Ted Sarenski and technically reviewed by the Elder Planning Task Force, this handbook is designed by CPAs for CPAs.  While many resources provide Social Security facts or advice, including those from the Social Security Administration, few are oriented towards professionals seeking to offer guidance to clients.  We hope you will find this handbook a valuable tool to use in giving advice to anyone who intends to collect Social Security benefits.  The guide is o
rganized around questions that a client might ask a CPA enable practitioners to easily find the answers to common concerns and planning situations. (Note: This guide is schedule for update by May with the 2016 changes.)

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Forefield Advisor

PFP/PFS Members:  Additional client resources available at the Social Security Resource Center on Forefield Advisor

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Various Social
Security articles

Strategies for the Social Security Safety Net
- Ted Sarenski, Tax Adviser

360 Degrees of
Financial Literacy

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy is a free program of the nation's certified public accountants to help Americans understand their finances through every stage of life.  They have a variety of Social Security articles and information your clients might find helpful.

Access the official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration for information on retirement, disability, survivors, SSI, and Medicare benefits.



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