Time for a Financial Check-Up

    Time for a Financial Check-Up 

    When was the last time you really took an inventory of how you are doing financially? Now may be a good time to meet with a CPA/PFS for a diagnostic check-up of your financial health. It is never too late to get financially healthy. 

    Take a few moments to identify your financial concerns among those listed below:

    High Low None
    Establishing a regular, systematic savings plan
    Managing cash flow
    Establishing an emergency reserve fund
    Developing or revising your investment strategy
    Minimizing personal income taxes
    Saving and investing for a comfortable retirement
    Establishing an IRA, SEP, or Keogh retirement plan
    Building funds for your children's education
    Building funds for your grandchildren's education
    Providing for the care of elderly parents
    Making gifts to relatives
    Making gifts to charity
    Minimizing your estate tax
    Determining how your estate assets are distributed
    Avoiding probate costs at death
    Minimizing the burden of health-care costs
    Providing for your family in the event of death
    Providing for your family in the event of disability
    Ensuring your insurance coverage is cost-effective
    Changing or modifying your career
    Saving for a major purchase or vacation

    A CPA/PFS can help you plan and reach these and other financial goals with services that range from an informal personal consultation to a comprehensive financial plan.



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