Disaster Recovery A Guide to Financial Issues 

    by National Endowment for Financial Education, American Red Cross, AICPA 
    Published December 13, 2004

    Access the Disaster Recovery Guide online at the American Red Cross Web site.  See how you can recover financially from any disaster.

    Visit  Disaster Recovery: A Guide to Financial Issues.

    Download the PowerPoint presentation to educate an audience about the steps they can take to address the immediate recovery issues in the first few days and the following weeks and months after a disaster, and to move forward over the long term.

    Review a "Fact Sheet" about Disaster Recovery: A Guide to Financial Issues.

    View the AICPA press release announcing the publication of Disaster Recovery: A Guide to Financial Issues, and the intended use of the publication to alleviate loss in the aftermath of natural and manmade disasters and raise awareness of the need to be prepared when disaster strikes.

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