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    December 2014 In this issue...
    • Tony Money Machine: Should we be celebrating Tony Robbins’ support for the fiduciary standard? First, we should decide if Tony Robbins himself is a fiduciary.
    • Implementing the Pipeline: How to manage staff without having to manage staff.
    • Third-Wave Planning: A new cloud-based tool will help advisors provide end-of-life services to their clients.
    • Parting Thoughts: Is Wall Street truly the key to capital formation in America? Or just an expensive cartel?

    November 2014 In this issue...

    • Takeaways and Perspectives: Insights on the U.S. economy, penetrating the NexGen market, simple ways to improve the quality of your decisions, and why a Republican takeover of Congress may not produce the budget battles everyone is expecting.
    • Fiduciary Coverage: A guide to fiduciary insurance coverage for your clients.
    • The Road Ahead: A handy guide that will help you prepare for the changes to come in the financial planning profession. 
    • Parting Thoughts: Why are we defining the largest or fastest growing advisory firms as the “best” ones? 

    October 2014 In this issue...
    • Views from the Top – And Bottom: These are tough times for understanding what’s going on in the investment markets. Here’s a look at what some of the smarter fund managers are seeing.
    • SAGE Savings: Here’s a program that provides tuition credits for the children and grandchildren of your clients – simply because they have an investment portfolio.
    • Parting Thoughts: The fiduciary discussion is about to become far more sophisticated. Will the brokerage industry really want to participate in this next round of debates?

    September 2014 In this issue...
    • A Better Mousetrap?: Here’s the best explanation you’re likely to hear about why hedge funds and many institutional portfolios following the Yale model have underperformed a simple 60/40 portfolio.
    • Farewell to Keystroking: How to eliminate most data entry in your office.
    • Security Compliance: Addressing the SEC’s scary new cybersecurity initiative.
    • Graphical Screening: A better tool for screening ETFs.
    • Parting Thoughts: The new key to survival in the financial services marketplace.

    August 2014 In this issue…
    • Great Points: Highlights from a recent conference –including marketing to different generations, investing on instinct, the biggest challenge clients face as they navigate their financial lives, real world tax advice, David Kelly’s take on the Fed’s recent activity, step-by-step marketing, and more.
    • Instant Cloud: Here’s a way to get all your operations on the cloud, all in one environment, in a single step.
    • Wealth & Wisdom: Here’s a book that captures not just the challenges of inherited wealth, but the successful strategies to overcome them.
    • Parting Thoughts: How can we close the increasingly wide gap between what we know and what we do?

    July 2014 In this issue...
    • Leveraging Everything: Here's the most efficient way to get the attention of potential clients, create a technology structure that virtually eliminates keystroking, and maximize the return on your technology investment.
    • Changing the Defaults: An informed look at the future, and two windows into your clients’ mental processes.
    • Team Approach: Collaborative divorce meets estate planning – and everybody wins.
    • Managing the Career Asset: How to manage your clients’ human capital.

    June 2014
      In this issue...
    • Keeping Score: A new website helps people make progress in a broad array of financial goals. The professional version could change the industry.
    • Marketing by Doing: Here's how one advisor is experiencing retirement right alongside his clients.
    • Student Outsourcing: Texas Tech University has created a virtual internship and remote outsourcing service for the planning community.
    • Merger Therapy: Contemplating a merger? Here's a consulting organization that has done deep research into the factors that lead to success.
    • Parting Thoughts: Conference Sophistication

    May 2014
      In This Issue…
    • The Prosperity Experience: Here's how Mackey McNeill, CPA/PFS, has managed to turn the painful initial planning process into a fun and engaging experience.
    • Engagement Experiments: How do you make the planning process less intimidating and more fun? Think outside the box.
    • How Time Diversifies: Academics say that holding stocks over longer time periods should be riskier than during short-term holding periods. They appear to be wrong.
    • Parting Thoughts: My biggest worry - Why the proliferation of non-traded REITs gives me nightmares.

    April 2014  Special Report: The Burnout Crisis

    This special report addresses the pathology of our age in the financial planning/investment advisory profession. Topics include:
    • Causes of burnout
    • Solutions:
      • Change your mindset
      • Force yourself to take time for yourself
      • Change your routine
      • Change your environment
      • Be more intentional with your clients
      • Outsource your workload
      • Find someone to take over routine chores
      • Learn the joys of mentorship
      • Scale back

    April 2014  In This Issue… 
    • The XY Planning Model: Newer advisors are pioneering a new business--and service--model for the profession. Their new platform may be taking financial planning to its destiny. The revenue model includes retainer fees billed monthly, with services that focus more on good financial habits than managing assets.
    • Lender of First Resort: Live Oak Bank could be the answer to the advisory profession's financing challenges. The profession will have access to cash-flow-based (rather than collateralized) loans, at favorable rates, through the SBA program. The bank will collect real operating financial data, provide aggregated benchmarking information to its borrowers, and practice management consulting as well.
    • Graphical Data Interface: A new screening and graphing tool called YCharts offers a vastly simplified way to evaluate stocks. It may be an even better client communication resource. Advisors are screening using multiple criteria, and they can add any of 4,000 different financial elements on any stock for evaluation. Others are looking at shifts in fundamental economic data--or embedding interesting charts in their blogs.
    • Parting Thoughts: Just say no to crystal balls.

    March 2014  In this issue…. 

    • Preparing for Change: What are the major trends that will cause the profession to evolve, and what will that evolution look like?
    • Automated Marketing: Is it really possible to automate the process of finding interesting, customized content for your clients, and also to build a growing list of prospects?
    • Parting Thoughts: Let’s be clear on what the fiduciary advisory profession seeks in a “harmonized” fiduciary standard.

    February 2014  In this issue…. 
    • Advanced Tax Tips: The CPA community's educational sessions offer the best tax planning ideas on the conference scene. Here are some of the takeaways [from the AICPA’s Advanced PFP Conference].
    • Turn-Key Opportunity: Why TD Ameritrade’s turn-key 401(k) platform may be the right service platform at the right time for the profession at large.
    • The Long and the Short of It: A short-term and longer-term perspective on the markets and the global opportunity set.
    • Parting Thoughts: It’s time to rethink our strategy on lobbying for a universally-applied fiduciary standard.

    January 2014
      In this issue...
    • Adding Alpha: Theory and Practice: Is it possible to beat the markets? Theoretically, the answer is yes. Practically, it requires a lot of intelligence, discipline, and hard work. And luck.
    • The Lay of the Land: What real-world compliance issues are coming to the fore in 2014? What initiatives can we expect from our regulators?
    • GIPS in a Box: A new program called CompositeBuilder makes it easier than ever to comply with institutional-level reporting standards.
    • Parting Thoughts: Fee-compensated advisors will be pleased to learn that they finally have a non-traded REIT product they can sell to their clients.


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