Join the AICPA PFP Membership Section 

    Two hundred dollars is a small price to pay if you consider a PFP membership as an investment in your future. You can join the AICPA PFP Membership Section in one of two ways.

    Enroll online for full membership at CPA2biz, or call the AICPA Service Center Operations Team at 888-777-7077.


    As a cost-conscious CPA, you'll find that your $200 membership dues will reap you a large return on investment!

    Annual PFP Section Membership: $200

    Non-CPA (Associate) Membership: $295*

    *Non-CPA Section associates must complete an additional short application.  Access the application or call the AICPA Service Center Operations Team at 1-888-777-7077.

    PFP Section Membership is also available for International Associates

    PFS Certification

    Interested in going the next step and pursuing PFS certification?

    Contact us at the AICPA Membership Section via phone (888-777-7077) or by e-mail.

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