2013 Year in Review 

    The passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act in January 2013 changed the landscape for tax, estate, investment and retirement planning and created unprecedented opportunities for CPA financial planners to demonstrate their value to their clients by providing guidance, planning and tax expertise in 2013 and going forward. The AICPA PFP Division has sought to provide the latest information, tools and advocacy to support PFP Section members, inclusive of CPA/PFS credential holders, as they serve their clients.

    2013 kicked off with a record-breaking attendance at the Advanced PFP Conference in Las Vegas with special recognition of the AICPA PFP Division Distinguished Service Award winner, Clark M. Blackman II, CPA/PFS. Here’s a look back at the various milestones, as well as member benefits released or revised in 2013: 


    News & Communications

    Special Web Pages Bringing Together Resources on Hot Topics

    Webcasts & Podcasts

    Guides and Publications

    Checklists, Charts and Articles

    Tools & Calculators

    Client Communications

    Marketing & Media

    • Major media coverage of CPA financial planners and CPA/PFS credential holders in outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money and Fox Business
    • 5 new topics to discuss with local media added to CPA/PFS Marketing/Media Toolkit covering new parent conversations, student loans, newlywed conversations, money stress, and disaster preparedness
    • CPA/PFS video for members to use on their websites that promotes the value of the CPA/PFS to their clients and prospects (available in the CPA/PFS Business Development Toolkit)
    • Periodic media training opportunities, including several media webcasts for CPA/PFS Media Advocates and in-person media training at the 2013 Advanced PFP Conference for CPA/PFS credential holders


    Conferences, Live Education

    Estate Tax

    • AICPA Comments on Medicare Surtax for Trusts and Estates (May 2013)

    Financial Services Reform

    • AICPA and Other Like-Minded Organizations Voice Opposition to Weakened Fiduciary Standard (June 2013)
    • AICPA Submits Comments to SEC in Connection with Fiduciary Standard (July 2013)

    Tax Matters

    • AICPA Proposes Tax Code Cleanup (February 2013)
    • AICPA Raises Concerns About IRS Delays in Release of Tax Forms (February 2013)
    • AICPA Legislation Would Adjust Due Dates to Address K-1 Issue (March 2013)
    • AICPA Comments on IRS's Proposed Guidance Regarding Cancelation of Debt (April 2013)
    • AICPA Sends Tax Reform Proposals and Principles to Ways and Means (May 2013)
    • AICPA Addresses “Challenging Tax Season” and IRS Budget with House (May 2013)
    • AICPA Recommends Simpler Small Business Tax Rules to Congress (May 2013)
    • AICPA Recommends Changes to Medicare Surtax Proposed Regulations (June 2013)
    • AICPA Requests Clarification from IRS on Conversion of Disregarded Entities to Partnerships (June 2013)
    • AICPA Calls for Simplification of Education Tax Incentives (July 2013)
    • AICPA Speaks Up Against Limits on Cash Methods of Accounting (July 2013)
    • AICPA Recommends Section 736(b)(2) Partnership Payments Be Exempt from 3.8% NII Tax (August 2013)
    • AICPA Requests Administrative Relief for Missed or Late QTIP and QRT Elections (August 2013)
    • AICPA Opposes Combining Partnership and S Corporation Regimes (August 2013)
    • AICPA Recommends Changes to 3.8% NII Tax on International Entities (August 2013)
    • Fewer Types of Retirement Plans and Simpler Rules Would Help Small Business Owners (October 2013)
    • AICPA Calls on IRS to Provide Shutdown Plan for Input (November 2013)
    • AICPA Recommends that IRS Issue Additional DOMA Guidance (December 2013)
    • AICPA Calls for Permanent Tax Relief for Disaster Victims (December 2013)
    • AICPA Supports Bill to Simplify State Taxation of Nonresident Employees (December 2013) 

    Health Care Reform

    • Healthcare Reform Guidance Keeps Coming (February 2013)
    • AICPA Comments on IRS Proposed Rules on Employer Shared Responsibility for Health Insurance Coverage  (March 2013)
    • ACA Tax Resources from the IRS (August 2013)
    • What Exactly do Firms have to Report to Comply with Health Care Regulations? (November 2013)

    Member Discounts
    Members of the PFP Section and CPA/PFS credential holders are eligible for discounts on a variety of AICPA and third-party products and services. Note: References to the products or services provided below do not imply any form of endorsement, non-endorsement, support or commercial gain by the AICPA.

    Third Party Discounts:

    • Forefield products, including FREE access to Forefield Advisor ($449 value) as well as 20% discounts on other Forefield products such as newsletters
    • Inside Information Newsletter Service from Bob Veres, FREE to PFP/PFS members ($349 value)
    • Spectrem Group products, including FREE access to the Affluent Investor Index, 45% discount on other newsletters, and a 20% discount on Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner for CPA/PFS holders only
    • FinaMetrica risk profiling software (10% discount)
    • Total Rebalance Expert (TRX)® tax efficient rebalancing software (10% discount)
    • MoneyGuidePro Financial Planning Software ($300 discount)
    • eMoney Advisor products, including 40% off eMoney 360 Pro, 33% off eMoney 360, and 10% off Advisor marketing
    • The Kitces Report (10% discount)

    Discounts off AICPA Member Prices:

    • PFP Division-sponsored webcasts with industry experts are FREE to PFP/PFS members with discounted CPE available for purchase
    • AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference ($100 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
    • AICPA Conference on Tax Strategies for the High Income Individual ($100 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
    • AICPA Advanced Estate Planning Conference ($100 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
    • AICPA Sophisticated Tax Planning for Your Wealthy Clients Conference ($50 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
    • AICPA Practitioners Symposium and Tech+ Conference ($75 discount in addition to early bird and AICPA member discounts)
    • Live PFS Exam Review Class ($100 discount in addition to AICPA member discount and eligibility for PFS Sponsorship of up to $600)
    • Six self-study PFP Courses ($50 discount in addition to AICPA member discount)
    • Self-study PFS Exam Review Course ($125 discount in addition to AICPA member discount and eligibility for PFS Sponsorship of up to $400)
    • PFS Credential Exam ($100 discount in addition to AICPA member discount)
    • Selected books on PFP Topics (generally 20% off)
    • CPA Client Bulletin Select (20% off)



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