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    Webcast: Should Equities Decline in Retirement, or is a Rising Equity Glidepath Actually Best?
    (6/10/2015) Michael Kitces

    Webcast: Expanding the Framework of Safe Withdrawal Rates
    (5/20/2015) Michael Kitces

    Podcast: Social Security - Will It Last?
    (5/11/2015) Michael Kitces, Ted Sarenski

    Advanced PFP Series: Planning for Large IRAs
    (8/27/2014) Bob Keebler

    Advanced Financial Planning Strategies Using Roth IRAs

    (7/8/2014) Bob Keebler

    Retirement Planning and Issues Related to Aging
    (6/10/2014) Lyle Benson, Jean-Luc Bourdon, Lori Luck, Ted Sarenski, Sue Stevens

    Strategies for Pre-Retirees and Retirees to Not Outlive Their Money During Times of Below- Normal Market Returns
    (10/24/2013)  Deborah Fox

    Retirement Planning - The Next Phase of Life
    (9/20/2013) Marc Minker, Jerry Love, Ted Sarenski, Susan Tillery

    Taking a Fresh Look at Reverse Mortgages
    (4/24/2013) Michael Kitces

    Understanding Safe Withdrawal Rates
    (7/18/2012, 9/26/2012, and 11/6/2012) Michael Kitces

    Dealing with the Inevitable: Social Security & Medicare
    (5/30/2012) Ted Sarenski & Jim Sullivan

    Roth Education Series - Part 3
    (6/29/2010) Robert Keebler & Scott Sprinkle
    Roth Education Series - Part 2
    (5/26/2010) Robert Keebler

    Roth Education Series Part 1 – The Basics
    (4/27/2010) Robert Keebler

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