Investment Planning 

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    First Quarter Sophisticated Tax and Investment Planning Strategies
    (2/5/2015) Robert Keebler, Mark Fichtenbaum and Bob Gordon

    CPA Financial Planning Thought Leadership: Investment Planning
    (11/12/2014) Lyle Benson, Joanne Hagopian, Scott Sprinkle, Tom Trainor

    Prudent Diversification Practices for Investment Fiduciaries
    (5/20/2014) Stewart Frank

    Proactive Year-End Financial and Tax Planning Series: Investment Tax Planning – Creating Tax Alpha
    (11/12/2013) Robert Keebler and Scott Sprinkle

    Why Most Arguments For or Against Active and Passive Investment Management are Wrong
    (10/17/2013)  Deborah Fox, Scott MacKillop, and Ken Solow

    Risk Tolerance Master Class: All the Finer Points about Dealing with Your Clients’ Risk Tolerance
    (8/27/2013) Geoff Davey

    Managing Your Clients’ Risk Tolerance: A Compliance Chore or a Business Development Opportunity?
    (8/20/2013) Geoff Davey

    Best Practice Risk Profiling: How Best to Give Investment Advice That is Suitable with Regard to Risk 
    (8/13/2013)  Geoff Davey

    Advising and Communicating with Clients in the Current Market and Interest Rate Environment
    (6/6/2013)  Lyle Benson, Jean-Luc Bourdon, Michael Goodman, Joan Malloy, and Scott Sprinkle

    Offering Investment Services
    (5/7/2012) Marc Minker, Jean-Luc Bourdon, Linda Crouse, Doug Duerr, and Joel Framson

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