Moving from Tax Preparer to Financial Planner 

    Many CPA financial planners added financial planning services to their tax practices because their clients asked questions that went beyond taxes, including educating children,  transferring wealth, protecting assets, funding retirement, etc.  These CPAs have built their financial planning practices off of their existing tax practices, and take a holistic approach in the delivery of financial planning services to ensure all of their clients’ needs are met, including tax, estate, retirement, investments and insurance. Not only does this expansion of service offerings open up new revenue streams and increase retention of clients and staff, but also brings CPA financial planners fulfillment as they work to help their clients realize their financial goals.

    From Tax Preparer to Financial Planner: The Road Best Traveled (on-demand recordings) 

    Attention PFP/PFS members: these recordings will be available for free in the library after the rebroadcast. 

    The following steps will help you transition from tax preparer to financial planner:

    Step 1: Understanding
    the Value of Financial Planning

    Overview: From Client Tax Returns to Value-Added Financial Planning: How CPAs Can Get in the Game
    Michael Goodman (Moderator), Randy Abeles, Chris Benson, Susan Tillery, Dave Stolz

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    Step 2: Moving from Tax Planning to Integrated Financial Planning for Individuals, Families and Business Owners

    Overview: Expand Your Financial Planning Practice through Your Client’s Tax Return
    Bob Keebler, Ted Sarenski and Susan Tillery

    : May 28, 1-2:15pm ET
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    The Practical Side of Investment Planning
    Bob Keebler, Ted Sarenski and Scott Sprinkle

    Rebroadcast: June 2, 1-2:45pm ET
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    The Practical Side of Estate Planning
    Bob Keebler, Ted Sarenski, Steve Siegel, Scott Sprinkle and Susan Bruno

    Rebroadcast: June 4, 1-2:30pm ET

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    The Practical Side of Retirement Planning
    Ted Sarenski, Steve Siegel and Scott Sprinkle

    Rebroadcast: June 9, 1-2:30pm ET

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    The Practical Side of Risk Management & Insurance Planning
    Ted Sarenski, Susan and Tom Tillery

    Rebroadcast: June 11, 1-2:30pm ET

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    Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning Case Study
    Ted Sarenski, Susan and Tom Tillery

    Rebroadcast: June 18, 1-3:15pm ET

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    Step 3: Implementing Personal Financial Planning Services:
    Plans for Success

    January 16-17, 2016
    Live workshop at the Bellagio
    Las Vegas

    Registration will be provided at a later date

    • PFP Business Models: True Stories from Successful CPAs
      • A panel of 9 successful CPA financial planners will walk you through the benefits, challenges and best practices— helping you identify the best structure for your practice and clients
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    • PFP Technology
    • Practical Approach to Client Meetings


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