PFP Champion Toolkit 

The PFP Champion Toolkit is designed to provide CPA financial planners who are building a PFP presence in their state with support, networking opportunities and resources. The PFP State Roundtable provides opportunities for these PFP champions to leverage relationships, resources, and ideas between the AICPA, other PFP champions, and state PFP committees.

If you need materials, presentations or support from the AICPA, please contact a member of our staff at

If you or one of your colleagues would like to be added to the PFP News distribution list (and you are not already a PFP/PFS member), please contact a member of our staff at


Interested in being a “Champion” for PFP? Join the State Roundtable!
Interested in leveraging resources and ideas between your State Society PFP Committee, other states and the AICPA PFP Section? Looking to get better connected with other active PFP members across the country? Join the PFP State Society Roundtable! If you are active in your state’s PFP Committee or trying to build a PFP presence within your state, please join our quarterly roundtable calls. We also meet annually at the AICPA Advanced PFP Conference. If you are interested, please contact us at



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