Elder Planning Task Force 

    The Elder Planning Task Force works to identify particular services, issues and concerns for CPAs as they provide personal financial planning services to their older clients and their children. The development of resources resources to support this includes items such as:

    • Development in the profession of an awareness of the opportunities in elder planning

    • Development of practical guidance through training materials and publications

    • Definition and dissemination of best practices criteria to CPAs

    • Communication and education efforts aimed at the profession

    • Communication, education and marketing/public relations efforts aimed at the public

    • Communication and marketing/public relations efforts aimed at the media, opinion leaders, influencers, and decision makers in the geriatric care arena.


    Ted Sarenski

    Blue Ocean Strategic Capital, LLC
    Syracuse, NY

    Ralph Rolfe

    Covenant Financial Concepts
    Kettering, OH

    Michael David Schulman

    Schulman Company, CPA, P.C.
    New York, NY

    Jim Sullivan

    Core Capital Solutions, LLC
    Naperville, IL

    Reina Schlager

    Schlager, Sonntag & Levin
    Fort Meyer, FL

    Diane Odom

    Woodbury Financial Services
    Columbia, SC

     Karen Duggan

    CICA Staff Liaison 
    Toronto, CA

    Kelly G. Lohn

    CICA Volunteer Liaison 
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

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