Peer Review Training for Ongoing Qualification 

    Note: For the Peer Reviewer Training Courses described below which are offered in live seminar format, the links go to a list of all of the dates and locations offered by state societies around the country. Please contact your State CPA Society to register for any of these courses and be sure to confirm the date and location as they are subject to change.

    Team Captain
    To maintain the qualifications of a team captain, you should participate in eight hours of CPE in peer review training within three years prior to the commencement of a review. Continuing education options include:

    1. Participating in the National Peer Review Conference which provides at least eight hours of CPE that meet the peer reviewer continuing training requirement.

    2. Completing the  "AICPA Advanced Course: Overview of the AICPA Peer Review Program Standards."

    3. Participating in eight hours of approved peer review webcasts in the three years prior to the commencement of the review.

    2015 Approved Peer Review Webcasts

    Peer Review Update 

    This webcast provides valuable information that will be essential to all peer reviewers as it will cover changes in guidance made during the last year.  Speakers Anita Ford (Chair of the Peer Review Board), Tom Parry (Chair of the Peer Review Board’s Standards Task Force) and James Brackens (AICPA VP, Ethics & Practice Quality) discussed a high level overview of changes to Standards and Guidance that have occurred in the last year.  They also covered short- and long- term enhancements to audit quality currently being developed by the PRB. 

    Listen to the archived webcast from June 3, 2015.

    Surviving the Deep Dive - A Closer Look at the Peer Review Focus Areas Webcast
    The AICPA Peer Review Program hosted this webcast covering specifics on: Independence as it relates to nonattest services provided to attest clients and Sufficiency of audit evidence, particularly Risk Assessment, Internal Controls and Sampling. This webcast will equip firms to navigate the peer review focus areas as well as assist peer reviewers with their understanding of the new peer review checklist questions specific to these areas. 
    Listen to the archived webcast from July 7, 2015.



    2014 Approved Peer Review Webcasts

    Sufficiency of Audit Evidence - a Peer Review Focus 
    Speaker, Lyn Graham, hosted the Sufficiency of Audit Evidence - a Peer Review Focus webcast on November 17, 2014. Listen to the archived webcast.

    Peer Review Update
    The annual Peer Review Update webcast was held on June 2, 2014. Listen to the archived webcast.

    Getting Back to Basics Webcast
    Course instructors Ray Nowicki and Jim Woy provided tips to advanced reviewers in the July 17, 2014 webcast. Listen to the archived webcast. 

    A minimum of two approved webcasts will be hosted per year and webinars are expected to be two hours in length.

    Please note that the webcast course description will specify whether the course has been approved for ongoing peer reviewer education.

    Example of How to Meet Ongoing Educational Requirements through Webcasts
    Assume a team captain takes his first two-hour peer review webcast on June 5, 2013 and his fourth webcast on May 5, 2014. Effective May 5, 2014, the team captain has met his ongoing training requirements by obtaining eight hours of approved peer reviewer training. Assuming the team captain takes no additional training after that date, effective for reviews commencing on or after June 6, 2016 the team captain no longer meets his ongoing training requirements because he has not obtained eight hours of peer review CPE in the three years preceding the commencement of the review. The team captain would be required to attend additional training in order to perform reviews commencing on or after that date.


    Review Captain
    To maintain the qualifications of a review captain, you should participate in eight hours of CPE in peer review training within three years prior to the commencement of a review.  You should:

    1. Meet the ongoing qualification requirements for a System Review team captain, OR

    2. Complete the "How to Perform an Engagement Review Under the AICPA Practice Monitoring Program" in live seminar format.

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