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    Peer Review Concierge Program 

    Welcome to the new Concierge Program page! Here, you'll find out what a Peer Review Concierge does and why the Concierge Program is important to Peer Review.

    Who is a Peer Review Concierge?
    A Peer Review Concierge is an experienced peer reviewer volunteering to make a contact with a recent attendee of the "How-To Conduct a Peer Review Under the AICPA Practice Monitoring Program" Course.
    How does the program work?
    The Concierge Program is intended to engage new Peer Reviewers by having an experienced Peer Reviewer reach out to attendees of the "How-To" course. The Concierge Program is a way to connect with individuals who choose to take both days of the "How-To" course.

    For the state societies that offer the "How-To" course and choose to participate in the Concierge Program, AICPA staff will match "How-To" course attendees with a Concierge in their state, or as close to their state as possible. The Concierge will make a personal contact with the attendee to welcome them to the Peer Review community.

    How does the program benefit Peer Review?
    The Concierge Program provides value to the Peer Review community in several ways.  First, new reviewers can learn from the experience of their Concierge, who can provide networking opportunities and input on how to get started in peer review.  Secondly, for reviewers who may be close to retirement, they may choose to volunteer as a Concierge and as a result, develop a working relationship with a new reviewer. 

    What to expect from your Concierge:
    You can expect a warm welcome to the Peer Review community via telephone. Your Concierge will talk to you about the "How-To" course to see if it was beneficial, if you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer and if you have any questions. Your Concierge will be able to provide you with extra guidance on getting your peer reviewer resume submitted and advising you to reach out to your Administering Entity.

    Just starting in Peer Review? Be sure to check out the below resources:

    • Peer Review Practice Management Toolkits The System and Engagement Review Toolkits provide you with easy access to all of the documents you need to start a review. The Toolkits contain the most recent versions of the Checklists.
    • Practitioners Toolkit provides sample marketing materials and guidelines for you to use to promote your services to potential clients.   

    All checklists and toolkits are now member access only. If you have not registered on, you can do so here.

    How to become a Concierge?
    To become a Concierge, you must:

    • Be a member of the AICPA in good standing (that is, AICPA membership in active, non-suspended status) and licensed to practice as a CPA
    • Demonstrate proficient knowledge and expertise in the AICPA Peer Review Program Standards and Interpretations.
    • Be an experienced Peer Reviewer, thus meeting the requirements listed on the How To Become a Peer Reviewer page.

    If you are interested in becoming an AICPA Peer Review Concierge, please contact Nicole Welman at



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