2009 Top Technology Initiatives and Honorable Mentions 

    2009 Top Technology Initiatives
    Desktop to search for 2009 TTI results 1.   Information Security Management
    2.   Privacy Management
    3.   Secure Data File Storage, Transmission and Exchange (Formerly known as Securing and Controlling Information Distribution)
    4.   Business Process Improvement, Work Flow and Process Exception Alerts
    5.   Mobile and Remote Computing
    6.   Training and Competency
    7.   Identity and Access Management
    8.   Improved Application and Data Integration
    9.   Document, Forms, Content and Knowledge Management
    10. Electronic Data Retention Strategy

    Honorable Mention

    In addition to the above list, the AICPA is also including a section for Honorable Mention, the technology initiatives that placed #11− #15 in the final tabulation. 

    11. Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Planning
    12. Conforming to Assurance and Compliance Standards
    13. Collaboration – Information Portals
    14. Business Intelligence
    15. Customer Relationship Management

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