Systems Implementation and Technology Integration

    Systems Implementation / Technology Integration 

    System implementation is the practice of creating or modifying a system to create a new business process or replace an existing business process. Technology integration is the practice of integrating multiple system activities to interact and generate information efficiently. In both cases, the system development lifecycle (SDLC) is heavily integrated in these practices. A CPA professional may be involved in designing a system, performing end-user testing, or training others how to utilize the financial system.

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      A Job Aid to the Solution Selection Process 

    A CPA can play a key role in the Solution Selection process. It is vitally important to determine the business needs and requirements that would be the best fit for the organization’s growth with the technology in the future. The Solution Selection process focuses on qualifying the needs of the business requirements into tangible terms. This process provides the CPA with the opportunity to apply common CPA skills, such as data analytics, to support how an organization decides on a new Solution. The CPA can assist organizations in their rationale for software solutions, incorporate cost estimates and capitalization impact over the chosen time horizon (e.g., three to five years).

    Additionally, CPAs can provide objective solution comparison and evaluations. The CPA can
    also assist the project sponsors on the plan to capture these costs and the measurement of
    tangible benefits to realize the total return on investment (ROI).
    A CPA's Approach to Business Solution Implementations
    A CPA's Approach to Business Solution Implementations

    This new white paper provides an overview of business solution implementations to help CPAs understand the leading practices for ensuring the value of Business Solution Implementations, and the critical role that CPAs can play to help ensure these initiatives are a success.

    This paper illustrates the process of bringing stakeholders and technicians together to build a business solution from idea conception to an operational deliverable. While the term business solution implementation can be broad and cover many aspects of selecting, designing, configuring and deploying a business solution system or application, the term can also apply to designing the hardware infrastructure, communication connectivity or the design/coding of a custom business application.

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