Building a Privacy Practice in Small and Medium-Sized CPA Firms 

    To practitioners, Privacy Advisory Services represents an exciting, unique opportunity to conduct work valued by their current clients, develop forward-looking areas of expertise, tap into new markets, generate new revenues, and grow their practices.

    When to Use This Guide
    A man and woman review the Privacy Advisor Services Guide  Practitioners in small and medium-sized firms are to use this Privacy Advisory Services Guide to answer the following questions:

    1. Why should we implement and market Privacy Advisory Services?
    2. What do we need to know to implement and market Privacy Advisory Services?

    To answer these questions adequately, this guide addresses: 

    The value of Privacy Advisory Services from the practitioner's perspective.
    The issues involved in implementing and marketing Privacy Advisory Services.
    Existing and prospective clients' concerns about buying Privacy Advisory Services.

    This guide serves as the first step for practitioners reviewing or considering investing time and resources in Privacy Advisory Services. It was developed under the leadership of practitioners in small firms for use by small and medium-sized accounting firms. The guide focuses on two areas: implementation (see Sections II, III, and IV) and marketing (see Sections V and VI).

    Additional Guidance

    A stack of folders for additional privacy guidancesThroughout this guide, references have been made to the following tools, checklists and practice aids:

    Suite of Tools (Section I):
    Generally Accepted Privacy Principles
    Privacy Advisory Services Marketing 
    Privacy and Outsourcing—Is Your Organization at Risk?
    Privacy Incident Response Plan

    Checklists (Section IV and VI):
    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
    Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
    Identifying Clients for Privacy Advisory Services

    Practice Aids:
    Privacy Advisory Services...A Best Practices, Integrated Approach
    United States Regulations

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