Performance Management and Business Reporting

    Performance Management / Business Reporting 

    Performance Management involves the monitoring and evaluation of individual business processes to ensure that distinct business segments are operating in the service of broader, organization-wide strategic goals. Critical to this process is the linkage of individual departmental objectives with the overall objectives of the organization, and the establishment of metrics or benchmarks against which performance can be measured. A category of technologies have evolved to enhance Performance Management and Business Reporting. These include Business Intelligence applications, dashboards, workflow solutions and process exception alerts.

    Performance Management Resources

    Stack of folders for performance management resources
    XBRL Extension Taxonomy and Instance Document Creation Process
    This document provides an illustration of the data flow and process flow associated with the how a XBRL Extension Taxonomy and an Instance Document is created leveraging XBRL.

    Performance Measurement for Government

    Glasses and document to see clearly performance measurement for governmentPerformance measurement for government is the act of measuring or assessing the manner and effectiveness in which something or somebody functions, operates, or behaves in carrying out a given task or action within a branch or agency of a political system.

    The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) through its Service Efforts & Accomplishments research project provides results-based reporting and management tools for performance measurement for government.

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