IMTA Interest Area Volunteer Opportunities 

This webpage provides an overview of the AICPA's IMTA Division Task Forces. Before choosing which IMTA task force you would like to join, get a better understanding of the IMTA Division, each task force and volunteer requirements.

Experienced CPAs interested in the opportunity to influence and guide the profession's direction as well as network with peers should strongly consider volunteering for one of the IMTA Interest Area’s task force initiatives listed below.

CITP Task Forces
Group discusses CITP task forces
  • CITP Credential Development
    Coordinate programs designed to address marketplace recognition and public awareness of the CITP credential. Also focuses on the CITP Value Proposition.
  • CITP Champion Program
    Inform the professional accounting community about (1) the vital role of technology in the information management process and (2) raise awareness of appropriate fundamental skill-set and/or certifications required, such as a CITP credential.  The AICPA CITP Champion program also offers specialized CPAs the support, structure, and resources to collaborate with state societies to inform CPAs about the specialization.
  • CITP Education
    Assess and develop educational materials around the CITP body of knowledge.  The task force published the CITP review manual to assist candidates in the preparation of the CITP Exam as well as continuous webcast series around the focus areas of the CITP body of knowledge.  
  • CITP Examination
    The CITP Exam Task Force is a group of subject matter experts that assess the structure of the CITP examination. This group also conducts technical reviews to ensure the quality, validity and relevance of the exam questions.  
  • CITP Strategic Initiatives
    Develop and maintain relationships with influencers in Business and Industry, Public Practice and Academia and contribute to the intellectual capital of the CITP credential.
IMTA Task Forces
Group discusses IMTA task forces
  • Business Information
    Help decision makers responsible for business information understands how information integrity and data management allow more informed business decisions. This task force works toward providing education and practical guidance in this topic area.
  • Business Solution Implementation
    Help provide guidance, tools and resources to educate and inform decision makers and contributors on the opportunity for an organization to manage IT related projects, control costs, and mitigate risks, when creating and modifying a business solution system, create a new business process or replace an existing business solution process.
  • Emerging Technologies
    Provide awareness and educate the decision makers (CFO, Audit Partners, APC, etc…) about new IT trends such as cloud computing.  The Emerging Technologies Task Force seeks to create tools to aid IT professionals in finding solutions for such emerging technologies in the IT environment. 

  • IT Considerations in Risked-Based Auditing
    Address the IT considerations in Financial Statement Auditing. To provide recommended interpretations of policies and procedures regarding the information technology (IT) audit portion of a financial audit.

 CPA Volunteer Initiation Process

Current CPAs seeking additional information can email us.  Please include the following information if you are interested in volunteering:
  • First and last names
  • AICPA member ID#
  • Company Name and Job Title
  • Email address and contact number
  • City and State
  • Interested Initiative/ Task Force(s)
  • Past volunteer history
  • Credentials (such as CPA, CITP, etc.)
  • Any additional comments
Non-CPA Volunteer Sponsorship Process

Membership within all IMTA Task Forces requires CPA certification for involvement. An exception may be made for individuals who possess expertise in one or more of IMTA’s Key Service Areas and are capable of obtaining sponsorship from a CPA, in good standing, within their organization. Volunteers will need to complete and email the IMTA Non-CPA Volunteer Sponsor Form for consideration.  Volunteer sponsorship approval is at the discretion of the IMTA Division and IMTA Executive Committee.

Non-CPAs seeking additional information can email us.


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