CITP Credential Referral Program 

    Referral Program Objective
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    Our current CPA/CITP credential holders are the backbone of the program and we are rewarding current CITP credential holders for referring other CPAs to either:
    • Become a CPA/CITP credential holder; or
    • Sit for the 2014 CITP exam

    Every CPA/CITP credential holder making a qualifying referral will receive a $360 credit against their future CPA/CITP credential dues. There is no limit on the number of referrals anyone can make. Make 10 referrals and have a decade of CPA/CITP dues paid in advance.


    CPA/CITP Credential Referrals

    CITP Exam Referrals


    Dues credit is granted when the referred CPA/CITP application is approved. Dues credit is granted after the applicant takes the CITP exam (not just register for it).

    How to Refer

    Have the referred CPA/CITP applicant include your name and AICPA member number in the referral information box on the CPA/CITP application. If they apply online, they should email that information within 5 business days. When the exam referral registers for the CITP exam on the AICPA Store, they should send an email with the referring CPA/CITP name and AICPA member number.


    Referrals received by April 1, 2014 will be applied against the 2014-2015 CPA/CITP dues statements sent out in 2014.

    Referrals received after April 1, 2014 will be applied against 2015-2016 CPA/CITP dues (and beyond if more than one referral).
    Referral information should be e-mailed within 5 business days of the CITP exam registration. The exam registration deadlines for 2014 are June 1 and October 14 for the Summer and Winter exams, respectively, and will be applied against the 2015-2016 CPA/CITP dues (and beyond if more than one referral).

    Using the Dues Credits

    If you have a CPA/CITP dues credit applied, you will not see the CPA/CITP credential dues of $360 on your dues statement. You will receive a separate email indicating that your CPA/CITP dues have already been paid for the year. If you have any remaining dues credits to be applied in future years, they will be listed in the email as well. If you have any questions, please email us.

    This is an excellent opportunity to talk to your CPA colleagues about the CPA/CITP credential. Take advantage of the Referral Program, CITP Pathway education and exam preparation options! Visit the CITP page for more information.

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