CITP Credential Recertification 

    Recertification Requirements
    Shaking hands after CITP credential recertification To maintain an active CITP Credential, CITP Credential holders must pay an annual renewal fee of $350 and meet the following CITP recertification requirements every three years:
    • Regular membership in good standing in the AICPA
    • A valid and unrevoked CPA certificate issued by a legally constituted state authority
    • 60 hours of CPE related to the CITP Body of Knowledge Submission (via the internet) of a statement of intent to continue to comply with all recertification requirements. (CPE Guidance - Recommended Courses)
    • The initial CITP application covers the period from the credential holders start date for a period of three years.  At the end of that calendar year, an email will be sent notifying CITP Credential holders that they need to recertify.
                       June, 2009                        Become a CITP Credential holder
                       June, 2012                        End of initial 3 year period
                       December 31, 2012        Recertification required
                       December 31, 2015        Next recertification required

    Failure to recertify results in the loss of the CITP Credential. The AICPA reserves the right to audit recertification attestations. If selected, the CITP Credential holder will be contacted to provide further substantiation.

    Email us or call us at 1-866-835-2938 (Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm ET)

    What is my CITP recertification date?
    Man typing on keyboard to find CITP recertification date
    • Click the “My Account” link at the top of this page.

    • Then click the “Manage Memberships and Credentials” link on the left of the screen
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and under the heading “Credentials”, check the recertification date displayed
    How do I recertify online?
    Desktop computer to recertity the CITP credential online

    To recertify your CITP Credential, please follow these instructions (Downloadable tutorial with screen-shots)

    • Click the “My Account” link at top of this web page and go to My Account page.  

    • In the middle of the screen you should see a sentence about recertification with a “Recertify Online” link.
    • Clicking that link will take you to the page where you can attest to meeting the recertification requirements.
    • Complete and submit this page and you are recertified for an additional three years.

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