CITP Credential Program Benefits 

    Distinguish yourself from other Information Management and Technology Assurance professionals. Only CPAs can be CITPs, allowing CITPs to capitalize on profession’s trusted reputation and helping them to differentiate themselves from other professionals in the marketplace. The CITP credential denotes an executive-level business professional, someone who understands the business implications of technology and can make informed business planning decisions or recommendations. The CITP credential affirms your Information Management & Technology Assurance specialization and increases your value to both your firm and your clients. A CITP is always a CPA—the most trusted advisor!

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    CITP Benefits
    Two men discussing CITP benefits CITPs have a wealth of benefits and resources at their disposal, including:
    • CITP Marketing Toolkit – A collection of tools to help you gain exposure in your local media and market your skills to prospective clients and employers. The toolkit includes Logo, “Hire a CITP” brochures, a sample press release, CITP Career Path resources and many more.
    • CPA Practice Advisor – A CPA Focused magazine that discusses the latest technology news and trends.
    • Full access to technical resources, content suites and practice aids.
    • Find a CPA/CITP Online Database to advertise your services.
    • Member Discounts – Discounts on the annual AICPA TECH+ Conference, IT Audit School, Webcasts and products such as IDEA software and Information Active.
    • Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) Division Web Seminars – Exclusive and archived webcasts to allow members to remain current on emerging issues and technologies affecting the accounting profession.
    • IMTA News – You will receive timely communications, such as InfoTech,  IMTA e-news and quarterly news publications. These will provide you access to upcoming events, networking opportunities, latest business trends, regulatory updates, and other valuable information.
    • IMTA Website – all of the benefits above plus white papers, toolkits, practice aids, informational webcasts and more to keep you on the cutting edge of information management issues and opportunities.

    Note: CITPs automatically receive full access to benefits and resources available to IMTA Section members.

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