Cyber Security Fraud: What CPAs Should Know 

    This eight week webcast series is an expansive overview of all aspects of cyber security.  It will include real life examples of security threats, security frameworks and risk assessments. There will be sessions on cloud computing, mobile devices, information security, social media and EFT fraud. Attendees will learn to assess damage from cyber attacks, who are the potential criminals, methods of discovering weaknesses leading to attacks and preventing future attacks. All the best practices on cyber security will be recommended for practitioners.

    Cyber Security Fraud: What CPAs Should Know Webcasts

    Cyber Security Landscape & Lessons Learned: An Overview

    Security Framework and Risk Assessment

    Mobile Computing

    Cyber Security and Information Security Awareness

    Cloud Security Considerations - What SMBs Need to Know About Managing Risks

    EFT and Cyber Security Fraud

    Cyber Security and Social Engineering

    You’ve Been Breached: Now What?

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