GAQC Archived Member Web Events 2010 thru 2006 

GAQC member only events are held periodically, at no cost to members, and feature topics to assist you in ensuring governmental audit quality. Registration and information on upcoming events are announced via GAQC Alerts. As a public service to improve all governmental audit quality, some GAQC member only web events are available to the public, please click on the topics to determine which events are open.


 2010 Archived Web Events

12/02/2010 Internal Control over Compliance: Getting it Right Using the GAQC Practice Aids 
10/07/2010 AICPA Peer Review: What is Changing and How Being a Peer Reviewer Can Enhance Your Practice
09/22/2010 What You Need to Know About the 2010 Yellow Book Exposure Draft
09/10/2010 New GASB Fund Balance Standard: Now is the Time to Begin Talking to Your Clients 
07/15/2010 The New Compliance Auditing SAS and an Update on Other AICPA Auditing Standards
05/19/2010 The Recovery Act: Information You Need to Plan and Perform Your 2010 Single Audits
03/24/2010 Overcoming Implementation Issues with Fair Value Measurement: A Not-for-Profit Perspective  
02/25/2010 Single Audit Fundamentals—A Four Part Series
02/16/2010 Fun and Games with Not-for-Profit Functional Expenses 
02/10/2010 AICPA's New Guidance on Sampling in a Single Audit Environment
01/26/2010 Gaining a Strong Foundation in General Financial Statement Audit Sampling 

 2009 Archived Web Events

12/10/2009  Essential Form 990 Considerations For Auditors
11/06/2009  Live Forum on 403(b) Plan Audits Sponsored by the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center 
10/22/2009  The New GAQC Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards Practice Aids and Other Related Issues 
09/29/2009  The Recovery Act: A Practitioner's Perspective 
09/01/2009 FSP 117-1 and UPMIFA: Separating Myth from Reality
06/25/2009  The Recovery Act and Its Potential Impact on 2009 Single Audit
05/14/2009  The New Standards on Quality Control and Practical Implementation Tips
02/10/2009 The New Data Collection Form & Electronic Submission Process
01/28/2009  Preparing for Your Single Audit: An Auditee Perspective

 2008 Archived Web Events

10/16/2008 The New Multifamily Housing Chapter of the HUD Consolidated Audit Guide 2008
10/08/2008 Sampling in a Single Audit Environment 2008
07/30/2008  OPEB Financial Reporting for Plans and Employers and Related Audit Issues 2008 
07/24/2008  Tax-Exempt Bonds - Accounting and Auditing Considerations in the Current Environment 2008 
05/14/2008  Implementing the Risk Assessment Standards in a State or Local Government Financial Statement Audit 2008 
03/06/2008  Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards – Reporting Improvements & Suggested Procedures 2008 
01/15/2008  Application of SAS 112 in a Single Audit

 2007 Archived Web Events

07/10/2007 An Overview of the Results of the National Single Audit Sampling Project 2007 
04/26/2007 Developing a Successful Audit Niche Practic 2007 
02/28/2007 What You Should Know About the 2007 Revision of Government Auditing Standards 2007 
01/04/2007 Impact of SAS 112 on Governmental Financial Audits 2007 

 2006 Archived Web Events

09/26/2006 Avoiding The Most Common Single Audit Deficiencies 2006
01/11/2006 Evaluating and Reporting Audit Findings


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