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    Self Study CPE:

    Audits of HUD-Assisted Projects

    This self study course will help you gain in-depth, hands-on information on HUD organization, programs, policies and procedures. This course will help you understand which HUD programs require audited financial statements; how to comply with specific HUD regulations, contracts and procedures; and understand the effect of Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book), AICPA standards, and the Consolidated Audit Guide have on the design of the audit plan.

    Advanced Auditing of HUD-Assisted Projects
    This course offers insights into compliance pitfalls for HUD-assisted housing owners and managers and details how you can take advantage of new possibilities. Learn to recognize and apply the latest changes in the federally assisted housing industry and efficiently plan, perform and report a HUD-assisted engagement. The course includes coverage of the Consolidated Audit Guide for Audits of HUD Programs. You will also uncover the effects of OMB Circular A-133 on HUD-assisted nonprofit entities. A prerequisite for this course is completion of the AICPA course Audits of HUD-Assisted Projects or equivalent knowledge. 

    Applying A-133 to Nonprofit and Governmental Organizations
    This course is a must for you if you are involved in single audits of governmental entities or nonprofit organizations. You will learn how to be more effective in planning and performing those audits in accordance with the requirements of Circular A-133 and the Single Audit Act Amendments. In addition, you will learn to apply the audit requirements in the latest version of OMB Circular A-133; understand the relationship of these requirements to GAAS, Government Auditing Standards, and the Single Audit Act Amendments; and plan for audits of governmental and nonprofit entities under A-133.

    The following CPE courses are available only online through the AICPA's CPExpress subscription:

    Introduction to HUD Auditing: Key Regulatory and Contract Provisions
    This online course provides an introduction to the HUD auditing environment. It is designed to introduce you to HUD's key regulatory and contract provisions. It is part of a two course CPExpress series. 

    Introduction to HUD Auditing: Overview of HUD Offices and Programs
    This online course provides an introduction to the HUD auditing environment. It is designed to introduce you to HUD's key offices and programs. It is part of a two course CPExpress series.

    Advanced HUD Auditing: Field Work Standards for Audits of HUD-Assisted Projects
    This online course discusses the major goal of GAAS planning standards, which is to assure that, even in the planning stages, audits meet necessary legal and regulatory requirements and are properly planned to address requirements of key agency contracts, loan agreements, and handbooks. The course notes that HUD's adoption of the Single Audit concept of reasonable assurance requires an opinion level of assurance on compliance for the major programs, which requires a materiality consideration at the major program level and points out the expansion of the components of internal control, the application and testing of those components for a HUD engagement.

    Advanced HUD Auditing: General Standards for Auditing in the HUD-Assisted Project Environment
    The GAGAS general standards emphasize the independence of the audit organization and its individual auditors; the exercise of professional judgment in the performance of work and the preparation of related reports; the competence of audit staff; audit quality control and assurance; and external peer reviews. If auditors use GAGAS in conjunction with any other standards, they should be knowledgeable and competent in applying those standards.

    Advanced HUD Auditing: Nonprofits and HUD Regulated Mortgagees
    This online course provides a brief history HUD programs. The purpose of the remaining part of the course is to review sections of the Consolidated Audit Guide applicable to the audit of a HUD-regulated mortgagee as well as to provide guidance to the auditor on implementation.

    Advanced HUD Auditing: Reporting Standards and Financial Statement Requirements 
    The purpose of this online course is to review Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and Government Auditing Standards relative to reporting requirements for HUD multifamily financial audits. All HUD-assisted projects have annual financial statement reporting requirements to HUD. However, as programs and governmental oversight of project owners has evolved, it seems fair to state that requirements are no longer of the 'vanilla' variety; perhaps 'smorgasbord' would be a more accurate
    description. Accordingly, this course attempts to review the current requirements.

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