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  Observations on the Evolving Role of the Auditor
  • Summarizes observations from recent discussions involving the full range of financial reporting stakeholders exploring the continued value of the audit and the role of the auditor going forward. Participants expressed, among other things:
    • The audit is valuable and should not go away. 
    • Auditors should retain the attest function and not expand their reach into the realm of management by asserting new information about a company.
    • There is more that all participants in the financial reporting process, including auditors, can do to make corporate reporting more relevant to investors.

2010 Year in Review
  • Highlights key CAQ accomplishments in 2010 including:
    • Public policy efforts undertaken related to anti-fraud, audits of internal control over financial reporting and other matters relevant to audit quality. 
    • Research efforts including the annual investor survey and support of academic research related to auditing.
    • Professional practice activities including interaction with regulators through various CAQ committees, member alerts and webcasts on matters relevant to public company auditing.
    • Communications with media, investors and other stakeholders related to critical issues impacting audit quality.

Deterring and Detecting Financial Reporting Fraud: A Platform for Action 
  • Provides observations and points to ponder related to mitigating the risk of financial reporting fraud by:
    • Advancing the understanding of conditions that contribute to fraud.
    • Reinforcing the importance of of tone at the top and the power of corporate culture.
    • Promoting additional efforts to increase skepticism.
    • Encouraging knowledge sharing between participants in the financial reporting supply chain.
  • The report is a first step in a longer-term collaboration with Financial Executives International, The Institute of Internal Auditors, and the National Association of Corporate Directors.

In-Depth Guide to Public Company Auditing
  • Provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look inside the financial statement audit process including:
    • Key players in the financial reporting process.
    • The importance of the audit firm's system of quality control.
    • Process for audit firm acceptance and continuance of audit engagements.
    • Preparation and planning for the financial statement audit.
    • Performance of the financial statement audit.
    • Reporting findings from the audit.
  • Should be read in conjunction with the CAQ's Guide to Public Company Auditing described below.

Guide to Public Company Auditing
  • Provides an introduction to and overview of the key processes, participants and issues related to public company auditing. Topics covered include:
    • What it means to be a public company and public company auditor.
    • The role of management, the audit committee and the auditor.
    • Composition of the public company audit team.
    • What the auditor looks for when conducting an audit.
    • The audit process and the auditor's responsibility to find fraud.
    • Different types of audit reports.
    • Auditor independence requirements and regulatory oversight.
  • Should be read in conjunction with the CAQ's In-Depth Guide to Public Company Auditing described above.

Guide to IFRS
  • Provides interested capital market stakeholders a timely, accessible and objective introduction to the current debate over a single set of high quality global accounting standards including:
    • An overview of the evolution of accounting standards and background information related to the IASB and the FASB.
    • The challenges associated with IFRS.
    • The opportunities related to IFRS.


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