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    Looking for AICPA educator resources? Download our new curated document loaded with content from various discipline areas of the AICPA, just for you!
    Kenneth A. Merchant, AICPA Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient
    Congratulations to Kenneth A. Merchant, the 2014 AICPA Distinguished Achievement Award winner for his exceptional contributions to accounting education and achieving national prominence in the accounting profession.
    Accounting Educators Honored by AICPA for Developing Innovative Curriculum
    The American Institute of CPAs is pleased to announce the 2014 recipients of three accounting curriculum awards. The Effective Learning Strategies Awards are bestowed annually upon educators who demonstrate innovative teaching practices in one of three distinct educational levels: in the first sequence of accounting, junior- and senior-level accounting courses and at the graduate level.


    2014 AICPA Accounting Competition
    The AICPA Accounting Competition is students' chance to craft, refine and present their smartest accounting solutions on a specific theme.  Last year students advised a science grad on personal financial planning to pursue his dream of building a music-based mobile app; this year it's helping a pie shop through managerial accounting. Learn more at www.thiswaytocpa.com

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