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    Women to Watch Awards 

    The AICPA’s Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee (WIEC) initiated the Women to Watch Award Program in 2005 in partnership with several state CPA societies to honor outstanding women in the profession. The Women to Watch awards highlight the accomplishments of women in the profession, and demonstrate to emerging female leaders that success is not out of reach. The events that celebrate the award vary widely, but have one thing in common: they provide a forum for state societies to lead important conversations about issues their female members face.

    In addition, women CPAs are eager to network and share best practices, and professional women’s networks are thriving in all areas and industries. The Women to Watch Award Program is an outstanding opportunity for state societies to foster a community and offer visible role models.

    The awards are given in two categories: Emerging Leaders and Experienced Leaders. Emerging Leaders are those women who are up-and-coming stars in their organizations, while Experienced Leaders are those who have established their roles as leaders in their organizations by advancing to the highest levels of management or ownership, and by mentoring those following in their footsteps.

    The AICPA hopes you’ll join in celebrating the women to watch in your state. For more information on how to get started, please visit aicpa.org or email us.

    State Date Event Location Host
    California  April 24, 2015 Women's Leadership Forum San Francisco, CA  California Society of CPAs
    West Virginia May 1, 2015 Committee Day Charleston, WV West Virginia Society of CPAs
    Alabama May 7, 2015  ASCPA Women’s Summit Birmingham, AL  Alabama Society of CPAs
    Colorado  May 21, 2015 Women to Watch Awards Denver, CO Colorado Society of CPAs
    Florida  June 11, 2015  Women's Leadership Summit Orlando, FL  Florida Institute of CPAs 
    Maryland  September 18, 2015 Women to Watch Awards Breakfast  Hanover, MD Maryland Association of CPAs
     Utah   September 25, 2015   Inauguration and Awards Banquet    Salt Lake City, UT   Utah Association of CPAs 
    Michigan   September 30, 2015   Awards Dinner   West Bloomfield, MI   Michigan Association of CPAs
    Washington, DC   October 9, 2015   GWSCPA Women to Watch Awards Ceremony   Washington, DC   Greater Washington Society of CPAs
    North Carolina   October 22, 2015   NCACPA Professional Women’s Conference   Raleigh, NC   North Carolina Association of CPAs
    Kansas  October 28, 2015 Annual Meeting Kansas City  Kansas Society of CPAs 
    Massachusetts  October 29, 2015  Waltham, MA  Massachusetts Society of CPAs 
    New Mexico  November 10, 2015 Pride in the Profession Albuquerque, NM New Mexico Society of CPAs
    Missouri   November 12, 2015   Western Region Awards Gala   Kansas City, MO   Missouri Society of CPAs
    Missouri   November 19, 2015   Eastern Region Awards Gala   St Louis, MO   Missouri Society of CPAs
    Illinois November 20, 2015 Women's Leadership Breakfast Chicago, IL Illinois CPA Society
    Louisiana   January 2016   Women’s Leadership Workshop   Baton Rouge, LA   Society of Louisiana CPAs
    Wisconsin   May 5, 2016   Member Recognition Banquet and Annual Meeting     Wisconsin Institute of CPAs

    Women are having an impact on the CPA profession - and managing to maintain a healthy work/life balance in the process.  By sharing their stories, they help pave the way for future female leaders to succeed.  Check out some profiles of the profession's high achieving women as they discuss the keys to their success.

    Upcoming Women to Watch Events 

    Be a Woman to Watch State!

    The AICPA partners with state CPA societies to host the Women to Watch award. Currently, the award is offered in Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Washington DC, West Virginia and Wisconsin with new states coming on board each year. To find out how your state can get involved, contact your state society or email us!

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