CPA Marketing Toolkit for Small Business 

Small businesses total nearly 30 million in the United States, yet many of their owners struggle to do the work and run a successful, profitable enterprise. As part of the #CPAPOWERED, the AICPA’s Small Business Marketing Toolkit offers resources to help you educate small business owners about your services and the ways CPAs act as a trusted adviser. With these tools, you can position and promote yourself and your practice to businesses at different stages. Visit the toolkit often, because additional resources will be available over the coming months.

Note: Many of these pieces are co-brandable. You can place your firm’s logo and/or contact information into the collateral to promote your practice. These printing and stamping instructions provide directions for printing the brochure files and explain how to "stamp" your logo into the co-brandable files.

Any Stage of Business
No matter what kind of business you’re targeting, or where those businesses are on the small business lifecycle, you can use these tools in your marketing efforts.

Starting Business

Entrepreneurs who are just starting small businesses have a lot on their mind, but with the help of a CPA, they don’t have to do it alone. Use these resources to promote your services and value to small business clients in the start-up phase:

Growing Business

Owners of growing businesses face choices related to acquiring additional funding, financial reporting and possibly providing assurance on financial statements. If you are approaching new or existing clients who are poised to grow their small businesses, consider these resources.

  • Social media messages: use these social media messages, geared toward growing businesses, to showcase your value and direct owners to your practice.

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