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    Tax Practitioner's Toolkit: Communicate Your Value 

    How can CPAs deepen relationships with current clients and build new ones in the midst of increased competition and potential consumer confusion over who provides the best tax services? Answer: You need to set your firm apart from other tax preparers and project a clear, consistent message about your unique qualifications and the value you provide. The Tax Practitioner’s Toolkit offers many resources to help you do just that – positioning you as the premier providers of tax services – while saving you money and time in the process.

    Sole Practitioners & Small Firms

    Medium Firm

    Large Firm

    Find ready-to-use materials to remind clients and referral sources to come to you for expert, year-round tax planning services. You'll find a checklist to get you started. Develop a comprehensive program to effectively communicate the value of your tax services. Use the checklist to get started, or just download materials to complement current efforts. Does your staff fully understand the value of your firm and communicate it clearly to clients? These education tools will help. And your marketing department can easily fit the promotional materials into their program.

    Toolkit Resources

    Preparing You (and Staff) to Understand and Articulate the Value of Your Tax Services

    It starts with the people you work with, ensuring they understand the value of your firm and the importance of reinforcing it in every letter, email and conversation with each client. These resources will arm you with the know-how to grasp the current business environment and plan for the future of your tax practice.


    Engaging with Clients to Stay Top of Mind

    In this volatile marketplace where clients are more demanding than ever, it is not just about winning their business that’s essential to building a successful tax practice. It’s also about retaining clients who seek the type of value you can create for them. These customizable materials for clients, prospective clients and referral sources highlight tax topics and show the value of your tax services.


    Promoting Your Firm to Attract New Clients

    Attracting new clients takes time. Here are some affordable ways to help you get your message out consistently over time. All of these materials can be tailored for your specific audiences and areas of expertise.

    • Tips for Cross-Selling Services - Build an deeper relationship with clients by linking their goals and needs to your services.
    • Print Advertisements
      Gain valuable exposure by placing an ad in a local magazine, newspaper, or school program. You'll find a selection of ads focused on the individual tax client and small business owner.
    • Tweets (Technical, Holiday-themed, and General)
      Reinforce your value as a CPA with these tweets that can be customized with your firm name and url.
    • Google AdWords (Pay Per Click Advertising)
      Let consumers find you as they search on Google for the tax services your firm provides.
    • Media Interviews - Questions and Answers 
      Share your knowledge with the community and raise your visibility by talking with local media - some tips to get you started.  
    • Media Advisory Template
      Start building relationships with local reporters by introducing yourself using this template of possible tax topics that can be tailored to your area(s) of expertise.


        The Tax Practitioner's Toolkit is the collaborative effort of AICPA Communications, PCPS, and the Tax Division, who are working together on behalf of our members to develop tools, resources and promotional materials that position CPAs as the premier providers of tax services.


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