Tax Practitioner's Toolkit for Medium Firms 

    Communicate Your Value 

    You have grown your firm over the years to meet your clients’ changing needs and help them plan for the future. But in this competitive, challenging environment, you can’t take anything for granted. It’s important to continually remind clients, prospective clients and referral sources what you as a CPA can do for them and position your firm as the premier provider of tax services.

    The Tax Practitioner’s Toolkit will help you:

    • Clarify the value that your tax practice offers clients and incorporate it in every client interaction and communication
    • Stay top of mind with clients year round – giving them a reason to contact you for tax services
    • Promote your firm

    Toolkit Resources

    Preparing Your Firm to Understand and Articulate the Value of Your Tax Services

    What makes your firm different from other tax preparers? Do you have an area of specialization that sets you apart? Be sure you and your staff understand the value of your firm and are ready to infuse that value in every conversation or e-mail with clients.  

    Engaging with Clients to Stay Top of Mind

    Use these materials with clients, prospective clients and referral sources throughout the year to remind them to come to you for expert, year-round tax planning services. These resources can be customized with your logo, firm name and contact information. You’ll want to read Making Your Voice Heard, Tax Season and Beyond, a how-to guide to help you get started using these tools.

    Promoting Your Firm to Attract New Clients

    We know that attracting new clients takes time. Here are some tools to complement your current marketing strategies, which can be tailored for your specific audiences and areas of expertise.  Personalize them with your firm logo, name and contact information.

    Your firm has many options for placing ads that are affordable – from your local newspaper or alumni magazine to school sports or theater programs. Choose from a selection of ads focused on families and individuals, as well as small businesses. Demonstrate your knowledge of tax law changes to community groups or prospective clients with these presentations.

    The Tax Practitioner's Toolkit is the collaborative effort of PCPS, the Tax Division and AICPA Communications who are working together on behalf of our members to develop tools, resources and promotional materials that position CPAs as the premier providers of tax services.

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