Diversity and Inclusion

    With an eye on the changing demographics of the communities in which CPAs serve, the AICPA is focused on diversity and inclusion in the accounting profession.

    Diversity is all the ways we differ and inclusion is turning those differences into assets.

    Explore all of the aspects of why diversity is important for the accounting profession.

    UPDATED! Students, Professionals, State Societies and Firms we're here for you.


    Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model
    Use the Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model tool to gain an understanding of your organization’s current diversity and inclusion practices. After completing the assessment, firms will have access to a summary of results indicating their diversity maturity.
    Recruitment and Retention Toolkit AICPA Recruitment and Retention Toolkit
    The Recruitment and Retention toolkit provides an outline of steps helpful in jump-starting diversity and inclusion initiatives within an organization and provides a useful template to assist firms in implementing changes.
    Inclusion Solutions Inclusion Solutions
    The Inclusion Solutions monthly e-newsletter aggregates news stories on diversity and inclusion, promotes diversity and inclusion best practices and positions the profession as a leader in this area.

    Recent & Upcoming Events 

    • November is Native American Heritage Month! This is a time to celebrate the important contributions of Native Americans and the modern and traditional cultures, people, and the shared histories between tribal nations and other communities. According to the 2010 Census, there are over 5.2 million American Indian and Alaska Native people (in combination or alone) and there are 566 federally recognized tribal nations - that exist as sovereign nations within 33 states of the United States.

      Additional information regarding tribe locations nationally can be found here.    


    • Breakthrough Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Lab November 4-5, 2014 - This two day lab orients around highly-interactive components that create the conditions for promising new ways of thinking and working to unfold.  Breakthrough enables the design of promising new practices that transcend today’s “best practices” .  The experience also develops individual proficiency in innovation and increases commitment to D&I.
    • AICPA Controllers Conference November 18-19, 2014 - Developed by controllers for controllers, the AICPA Controllers Conference prepares you to successfully negotiate current and future demands.

    • SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition October 26-28, 2015 - Discover innovative, forward-thinking strategies that will take your Diversity & Inclusion efforts to the next level.


    The Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model

    The Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model assessment helps firms evaluate their current diversity and inclusion efforts. After completing the assessment, firms will have access to a summary of results indicating their diversity maturity. 

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