AICPA National Commission on Diversity & Inclusion 

    Published February 02, 2014


    The AICPA’s National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion formed to serve as champions within the accounting profession proposing strategies to recruit, retain, and advance under-represented minorities in the profession.  The National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion has set a new course to address best practices and develop tools to help members and firms succeed in their diversity and inclusion efforts.

    The 19-member Commission consists of representatives from minority professional advocacy groups such as ALFPA, Ascend, NABA, and NCPACA, CPA firms, state CPA societies and leaders from business and industry, government and education.    

    The initial work of the Commission will focus on ethnicity and race to help the profession attract and retain minorities into their organizations. 

    The responsibilities of the Commission are as follows:  

    • To investigate and understand the barriers that impede the long term success of minorities.
    • To propose to the AICPA and member firms strategies that will alleviate the barriers upon retention and advancement of minorities. 
    • To monitor, evaluate, and report on minority recruiting, retention, and advancement data.
    • To remain abreast of the US population trends and the impact the nation’s diversity will have on the accounting profession.
    • To be champions and educators of the importance of diversity within the accounting profession.

    Many of the Commission members are AICPA trained ambassadors and would be happy to speak with you or your organization about the importance of diversity within the accounting profession.  To initiate a speaker request, please complete this speaker request form (this form is easily compatible with Internet Explorer, if using another browser or a MAC please navigate here for further instructions).

    Navigate here to learn more about the goals of the NCDI.

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