Uniform CPA Examination - Software FAQs 

Published March 11, 2017

What computer skills are needed to take the Uniform CPA Examination?

Basic computer skills are needed to take the Examination. Candidates are expected to be familiar with the use of a mouse and keyboard, and with basic spreadsheet and word processing functions. Candidates must also be able to use a four-function online calculator.

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What are some examples of specific computer skills needed to respond to Examination questions?

In order to respond to Examination questions, candidates may need to: (1) select a response from available options by clicking on a radio button; (2) perform standard financial calculations, utilizing a spreadsheet or four-function online calculator: (3) type a memorandum or letter in the written communication tasks; (3) perform an authoritative literature search in the research portion of simulations; (4) copy and paste text; (5) use scrollbars; (6) split the screen; (7) re-size or move windows or calculator. Click here to access the tutorial and sample tests.

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Does the Examination utilize Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel?

No. The Examination uses word processing and spreadsheet applications that are similar but not identical to Word and Excel applications. Candidates are responsible for reviewing the Examination tutorial and sample tests. Thorough familiarity with the Examination’s functionality, format, and directions is required before candidates report to test centers. Failure to follow the directions provided in the tutorial and sample test, including the directions on how to respond, might adversely affect candidate scores. Click here to access the tutorial and sample tests.

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Must the Examination be taken in a computer-based format?

Yes. The Examination is available only in a computer-based format.

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