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    Volunteer Leadership
    Tim L. Christen, CPA, CGMA  Chairman, Board of Directors 
    Kimberly N. Ellison-Taylor, CPA, CGMA  Vice Chairman, Board of Directors
    Executive Staff
    Barry C. Melancon, CPA, CGMA President and CEO
    Senior Vice Presidents
    Lawson Carmichael  Senior Vice President, Strategy, People & Innovation 
    Susan Coffey, CPA, CGMA Senior Vice President, Public Practice & Global Alliances
    Janice Maiman, CAE  Senior Vice President, Communications, Media, News & Professional Pathways 
    Mark Peterson  Senior Vice President, Congressional & Political Affairs 
    Anthony Pugliese, CPA, CGMA, CITP Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Arleen Thomas, CPA, CGMA Senior Vice President, Management Accounting & Global Markets
    Vice Presidents
    James Brackens, CPA, CGMA Vice President, Ethics and Practice Quality
    Michael Buddendeck General Counsel and Secretary
    Michael Decker  Vice President, Examinations 
    Joanne Fiore  Vice President, Professional Media, Pathways and Inclusion 
    Kevin Henson  Vice President, Strategy 
    Edward Karl, CPA, CGMA Vice President, Taxation
    Jeannette Koger, CPA, CGMA  Vice President, Member Specialization and Credentialing 
    Mark Koziel, CPA, CGMA  Vice President, Firm Services & Global Alliances  
    Charles Landes, CPA Vice President, Professional Standards and Services
    Tim LaSpaluto, CPA, CGMA, CITP  Chief Financial Officer 
    Cynthia Lund Vice President, State Society Affairs
    Peg McIntyre, CAE  Vice President, Membership 
    Ashok Noah, CPA, FCMA, CGMA   Vice President, CGMA External Relations 
    Carl Peterson, CPA  Vice President, Small Firms 
    Cheryl Reynolds  Vice President, Communications, Advertising & Brand Management 
    Clar Rosso Vice President, Member Learning & Competency 
    Scott H. Spiegel, CPA, CGMA, CITP Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development
    Mat Young  Vice President, State Regulatory and Legislative Affairs 

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