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    Fiduciary Responsibility Fact Sheet

    Overview A fiduciary's duty is to act in the interest of the plan's participants and beneficiaries to provide benefits. With respect to qualified plan assets, a fiduciary must act prudently, diversify the investments of the plan's assets, and act in a manner consistent with the plan's documents.
    Published on March 03, 2010

    Message Points for Pension Plans of Small Businesses

    Media Outreach CPAs have an opportunity to talk to the business community about fundamental steps small companies can take to mitigate risk and reduce liability by creating a sound fiduciary process. As business advisors, CPAs encourage companies to take five fundamental steps to manage liability and pension risk more effectively.
    Published on March 29, 2011

    PFP Division 2011 Year in Review

    Article With the uncertainty and change that ushered in 2011, the AICPA PFP Division has sought to provide the latest information, tools and advocacy to support PFP Section members, inclusive of PFS credential holders, as they serve their clients. View our year in review.
    Published on September 23, 2013

    Estate Planning Protecting Your Family, Providing for Your Wishes

    Article Estate planning involves the development of strategies for protecting your assets, distributing them according to your wishes, and otherwise providing for your family. A carefully developed estate plan can help make the transition to a life without you easier for your family.
    Published on September 30, 2010

    Client Letter Template

    Template From time to time it is beneficial to send letters to your clients that include reminders about the types of services that you can provide them. As a special marketing benefit for PFS credential holders, a letter template regarding incapacity issues has been developed for your clients.
    Published on April 09, 2010

    Estate Tax Legislation

    News Stay up to date on legislative and regulatory issues relating to estate tax legislation.
    Published on April 11, 2014

    Why One Firm Decided to Offer Elder Planning Services

    Article In this article Jon Meyer, Managing Owner of OmniCare Family Resources, LLC discusses his firm's decision to offer Elder Planning services, so that other CPAs considering this specialty can learn from their experience and reap the financial and emotional rewards of running a successful Elder Planning practice.
    Published on January 15, 2013

    Elder Planning Glossary

    Glossary Elder Planning services are a unique and customizable package of professional services intended to help older adults maintain their desired lifestyle and financial independence. View a glossary of terms related to Elder Planning services.
    Published on January 15, 2013

    Podcasts from the Personal Financial Planning Division

    Audio The AICPA PFP Division monitors the news and legislative and regulatory landscape in order to bring you expert commentary on the issues you need to know in practice.
    Published on April 11, 2014

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