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    HUD Information Submission and Audit Requirements for PHAs and Multi-family Program Participants

    Article Financial statement and other information must be submitted to REAC electronically by PHAs or multi-family program participants on FASS using templates (referred to as FASS templates) specifically designed for them. This page provides information about the process
    Published on April 10, 2013

    GAQC Alert No. 149

    Newsletter The purpose of this Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC) Alert is to inform you about the issuance of several GAQC Practice Aids that are designed to assist our members in documenting the work performed relating to understanding and testing internal control over compliance and compliance (ICC) in single audit engagements.
    Published on August 05, 2010

    GAQC Alert No. 221

    Newsletter More on DCF Revisions; Key AICPA Publications Issued; and Membership Dues
    Published on May 21, 2013

    Granting Access to GAQC Web Site

    Sample Letter Template intended to assist you in sharing the benefits of your firm's GAQC membership with staff you believe will benefit. Also explains benefits and encourages your staff to take...
    Published on March 13, 2014

    Sample General Announcement To All Firm Staff

    Sample Letter Template addressing your staff and outlining the benefits your firm receives from your Center membership and reaffirms your commitment to high quality audit practices
    Published on March 13, 2014

    Sample Web Site Text

    Template Template intended for use on your web site to promote your governmental and/or not-for-profit organizations (NPO) audit services and explains the benefits a client receives as a...
    Published on August 22, 2011

    GAQC Sample Client Communication

    Sample Letter Sample template intended for you to use to communicate the benefits to your clients that they receive as a result of your GAQC membership
    Published on May 31, 2013

    Major Program Risk Matrix Practice Aid

    Practice Aid This practice aid provides auditors with a template to illustrate how they might document which of the 14 types of compliance requirements ultimately will be subject to audit for each major program
    Published on July 23, 2013

    Not-for-Profit Endowments - Enhanced Disclosures and UPMIFA Accounting Guidance - Presentation

    Presentation PowerPoint version of the Guidance on the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) template, how it differs from UMIFA, proposed FSP FAS 117-a information, enhanced disclosure requirements, implementation issues, and more
    Published on May 03, 2013

    GAQC Alert No. 242

    Newsletter Register for March 12th Web Event on Fraud in the Governmental Environment
    Published on February 13, 2014

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