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    Professional Standards and Ethics

    Overview Professional Standards and Ethics discusses the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. The section also includes the full text of the Statements on Responsibilities in Personal Financial Planning Practice, a source of...
    Published on January 12, 2008

    What You Need to Know About the New PFP Standards

    Article Get up to speed on the new PFP Standards that will go into effect on July 1, 2014. Clark M. Blackman II and Dirk Edwards help you understand if, when and how the statement applies in your practice...
    Published on May 05, 2014

    The CPAs Role in Elder Planning Services

    Article Elder Planning services focus on the specific needs and goals of older adults. This article details these services, including accounting, cash flow planning and budgeting, pre- and post-retirement planning, insurance reviews, estate planning and tax planning.
    Published on May 16, 2011

    About Us - AICPA PFP

    Overview The AICPA's Personal Financial Planning ( PFP) division enjoys renewed commitment resulting from the AICPA Governing Council's resolution regarding the Personal Financial Specialist credential.
    Published on September 20, 2013

    Illustrations of Engagement Letter Explanations of Historical and Prospective Financial Information

    Article Because personal financial plans can include a variety of historical or prospective financial information, the illustrative engagement letters do not describe such information. Read more about illustrative engagement letter descriptions of certain historical and prospective financial information.
    Published on August 22, 2011

    CPA/PFS - A Credential By Any Other Name is Not the Same

    Article An article discussing the benefits of the CPA/PFS credential.
    Published on April 16, 2014

    Introduction to Personal Income Tax Planning

    Article Income tax planning may be defined as the development and implementation of appropriate strategies to reduce, affect the timing of, or shift either current or future income tax liabilities. Recommended strategies are based not only on the tax consequences themselves, but also in light of the individual's overall financial goals.
    Published on August 26, 2010

    Young and Emerging Financial Planners Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ A career as a CPA financial planner or Personal Financial Specialist may be right for you!  Here, you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about this unique career!
    Published on July 21, 2014

    Q & A with Clark Blackman on Fiduciary Handbook from a Small Business Perspective

    FAQ This interview with Clark Blackman shows how the Fiduciary Handbook provides meaningful guidance to small CPA firms.
    Published on March 29, 2011

    Professional Responsibilities

    Overview An overview of the professional responsibilities and standards associated with personal financial planning services
    Published on February 04, 2014

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