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    Practice Continuation Agreement

    Template This template created by Transition Advisors is a great starting place in creating the legal document for a firm’s Practice Continuation Agreement. It incorporates Assumption of Service to the Clients, Compensation, Collection of Receivables and WIP and Restrictive Covenants
    Published on September 09, 2012

    Sample Continuation Agreement

    Framework This sample document can work as a starting point for creating your own Practice Continuation Agreement. It contains all the basic information that should be included in the agreement
    Published on March 13, 2013

    Key Elements to a Partnership Agreement

    Overview Chapter 11, Key Elements to a Partnership Agreement, includes a PDF chapter and related tools. The chapter page includes a Practice Continuation Agreement template that can be used as a starting point for firms creating their own agreements
    Published on January 10, 2013

    Turning Out the Lights

    Overview Chapter 7, Turning Out the Lights, includes a PDF chapter, along with a video and tools. Chapter extras include client evaluation spreadsheet, a Sample Practice Continuation Agreement and an article about practice continuation agreements written by Joel Sinkin and Ira Rosenbloom
    Published on March 06, 2013

    Dont Plan to Fail!

    Article The small firm article, written by Rusty Roy, CPA, in the October issue of The Practicing CPA e-newsletter discusses the importance of practice continuation agreements for sole practitioners and small firm owners. This article explains different aspects of a practice continuation agreement and also discusses the importance of basic strategic
    Published on October 29, 2013

    Sole Practitioners

    Tools’re not alone as you face these challenges. These tools/resources provide strategies for plotting your direction and support for the every-day intricacies of managing a solo practice
    Published on January 17, 2014

    Who Would Run Your Firm

    Article This article written by Joel Sinkin and Ira Rosenbloom addresses practice continuation agreements as a first step for protecting a practice. It discusses different strategies for success and shares thoughts on choosing an internal successor vs. turning to another firm
    Published on September 09, 2012

    Succession Planning Its Not a Spectator Sport

    Article ...the Small Firm Solutions e-newsletter discusses the importance of succession planning. James Metzler provides advice on how to embrace future change, wind down and sell parts of your practice, prepare future leaders and he also offers tools, resources and conferences to help firm owners begin making
    Published on September 10, 2013

    How to Succeed at Succession

    Article ...succession planning. CPAs Jason Deshayes and Bob Goldfarb provide related views on how they implemented succession planning in their firms through training emerging leaders and merging into a larger practice
    Published on September 17, 2013

    PCPS Member Discounts

    Overview See some of the savings associated with PCPS membership.
    Published on January 08, 2014

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